Emir Taha


Debut EP coming soon

Joy Club


Debut single ‘In the Night’ out now.

Matt Maltese


Matt’s debut album ‘Bad Contestant’ (2018) was the birth of a deeply charismatic singer-songwriter - an introduction to an earnest romantic who harboured a self-effacing inner-voice and loved throwing in sardonic one-liners wherever he could.

More recently ‘Krystal‘ (2019) has received admiration from the likes of The Guardian and Frank Ocean (who featured Rom-Com Gone Wrong on Blonded). New music to follow in 2020. 



In 2015 the four members of PREP came together to cut deep grooves that mine contemporary R&B and electronica while hearkening back to the soft, sheer sound of the late ’70s and early ‘80s—what some listeners have retroactively dubbed yacht rock.

The unique pleasure of a brief wallow in melancholy—what you hear on new stand-out tracks like “Over” and “Love Breaks Down”—that’s PREP. The full-length debut album will follow in late 2020.

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